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Porcelain to gold

Goldtech BIO 2000® is a 99.7% gold high noble alloy.

BIO 2000® offers a rich warm base for the porcelain veneer. It is easily burnished and polished and can be used for single crowns, small unit bridges and Inlays.

Pure 24 carat gold (99.96%) is the basis for this gold electro-forming system, which allows for a uniform and dense substructure of pure gold to be consistently created. A special bonding agent is applied for the highest bond strength for todays porcelain materials. It is mainly recommended for the use of single crowns in the anterior region.

Again, similar to BIO2000, it exhibits rich warmth to the final restoration, which is impossible to achieve with any of the white bonding alloys.


Captek is a new technology that employs the principle of capillary attraction to produce a composite metal alloy comprised of 88% Gold and 9% Platinum group metals. The principle is the same as the natural phenomena, which brings water form the roots to the leaves of a tree. As the Captek is fired, molecule particles join to create a three dimensional network of capillaries.  This capillary action chemically bonds the Captek materials at an even thickness.  The highly dense capillary casting is now ready for porcelain application.

Cast Gold Shells

We use a various selection of alloys for our cast shell crowns, this can be from a non-precious alloy to high gold content crown.

All our gold and metal crowns & bridges can be overlaid with SINFONY (see All porcelain Restorations).

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