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Southport Dental Services

Welcome to our Patient Information area. Designed for and with our own and our clients (dentists) patients in mind. The aim of this area is to provide the most current information regarding; patient care utilising the latest technology available. Please use the menus on the left to find out more.

We would appreciate any comments from you about how we could improve this site or suggestions about additional features.


Southport Dental Services

All Porcelain Restorations

In these days of patient awareness and a degree of uncertainty regarding various metals being placed in the mouth, it is not surprising that people are concerned with the long term effect different alloys will produce.

Allergic reactions to base metals, nickel, amalgam etc. are just a few that are raising question marks and forcing us to consider suitable alternatives to bonded crowns and bridges.

The following materials are totally metal free, and although there are certain limitations to each, their strength cannot be overstated if used and indications are correctly followed.

The secret behind Procera AllCeram is its unique combination of strength and beauty.  Over the last few years, new technology has given dental porcelain better properties.  Until now, however porcelain coated ceramic copings have been neither strong enough, nor durable enough for widespread use. Procera AllCeram is a coping made of extremely dense-sintered aluminium oxide.  The coping is produced in an industrial process known as Procera, which ensures optimal fit, high strength, non-porosity and has the ability to transmit light without being transparent.  Due to the strength of the core material, Procera AllCeram can be recommended anywhere in the mouth.

Scanning * Design * Production

The design of Procera AllCeram coping is developed at the laboratory using the Procera Scanner and the data collected is sent to Sweden for the construction of the Procera coping.  After completing the machining process, the finished coping is returned to the laboratory for porcelain veneering of the restoration.


: Porcelain is built up on the Procera coping

Cementing: The Procera manufacturing process yields a uniform space between crown and tooth.  This gives an optimal fit to the tooth’s shape and enables the construction to be properly seated while providing enough space for cement.  The restoration is cemented with the material of your choice. i.e. zinc phosphate, glass ionomer or a dual cure bond. (avoid any cements with post set expansion)

Before treatment After treatment

Techceram all-ceramic restorations offer natural looking aesthetics for the most discerning of patients.  The coloured, translucent base layer provides a natural background allowing the technician to re-create the depth of colour and translucency present in natural teeth.  Techceram combines FLAME SPRAY TECHNOLOGY with Vita™ Alpha porcelain, which can be used either with the traditional or the new 3D shading system to provide optimal aesthetics. Once the coping has been fabricated the veneering technique is similar to that of Procera.

Likewise the cementation of Techceram is identical to that of Procera.

Cerpress SL

Experience the aesthetics of a new generation of pressable ceramics that can be used for crowns, veneers or inlays.  Cerpress SL is based on two-phase glass ceramic Lucite crystals embedded in a glass matrix.  In addition to the absorption, reflection and transmission of light, which primarily determine colour and transparency, light refraction plays a vital role in the perfect imitation of a tooth.  The crystal size and distribution of Cerpress SL ceramics is very similar to the morphology and microstructure of natural dentition, thereby closely imitating the optical effects.  Sensation SL low fusing porcelain is layered on the Cerpress coping due to the high content of Lucite and small crystal size provides increased strength and superior light reflection qualities.  Fluorescence is a major characteristic in creating a natural appearance.

Sensation SL has the perfect balance of fluorescent elements, which enables the restoration to duplicate natural dentition in all lighting conditions.  Sensation SL is wear compatible with natural dentition, meaning it will not abrade the opposing teeth, as do most high fusing porcelains.  It also offers excellent chair side polishablity.


Sinfony offers a concept for easy reproduction of the complete VITA classic colour system. Using the exactly co-ordinated 16 opaque and dentine materials allowing brilliant shade reproduction.  A good balance of transparency and opacity ensures exact shade reproduction even in thin veneers.  The enamel and transparent materials are ideal for customising ceramic like restorations with natural fluorescence and opalescence, creating a fascinating vitality and brilliance.  Sinfony has high plaque resistance, impressive physical properties, compressive and flexural strength, and impact and abrasion resistance and water absorption, properties, which justify calling SINFONY a new type of composite technology.  Consequently, the range of indications is wide

SINFONY is a material for a large number of indications:

Fixed crowns, telescopical and conical crowns, external attachments, bridges, adhesive bridges, implant superstructures, veneers, inlays and onlays, long-term temporary restorations and the customisation of artificial teeth made of acrylic.


Southport Dental Services

Shade taking service

We realise how some times shade selection can be a difficult and time consuming task, so we have developed our own in-house professional consulting room.  This allows you to send the patient to us, thus allowing you to save time in the surgery and guarantees a perfect match for your patient.  We can also take an image using the latest digital photography techniques, this is then retained on our computer and a print out is returned with the completed job.

This service is provided free of charge.

Your patients are made to feel welcome and relaxed and we endeavour to fulfil any requirements they may request. We also assure them of the quality and commitment of the dental team to produce the final restoration.


Southport Dental Services

Porcelain to gold

Goldtech BIO 2000® is a 99.7% gold high noble alloy.

BIO 2000® offers a rich warm base for the porcelain veneer. It is easily burnished and polished and can be used for single crowns, small unit bridges and Inlays.

Pure 24 carat gold (99.96%) is the basis for this gold electro-forming system, which allows for a uniform and dense substructure of pure gold to be consistently created. A special bonding agent is applied for the highest bond strength for today’s porcelain materials. It is mainly recommended for the use of single crowns in the anterior region.

Again, similar to BIO2000, it exhibits rich warmth to the final restoration, which is impossible to achieve with any of the white bonding alloys.


Captek is a new technology that employs the principle of capillary attraction to produce a composite metal alloy comprised of 88% Gold and 9% Platinum group metals. The principle is the same as the natural phenomena, which brings water form the roots to the leaves of a tree. As the Captek is fired, molecule particles join to create a three dimensional network of capillaries.  This capillary action chemically bonds the Captek materials at an even thickness.  The highly dense capillary casting is now ready for porcelain application.

Cast Gold Shells

We use a various selection of alloys for our cast shell crowns, this can be from a non-precious alloy to high gold content crown.

All our gold and metal crowns & bridges can be overlaid with SINFONY (see ‘All porcelain Restorations’).


Southport Dental Services

You may need a crown if you:-

– have worn fillings – cracked a tooth – have a failing crown – have a large cavity

– after root canal treatment

Choice of Crowns

You may need a crown if you:- – have worn fillings – cracked a tooth – have a failing crown – have a large cavity – after root canal treatment Choice of Crowns You have a choice of materials when you have a crown. – NHS : low gold content (looks like stainless steel) – white crowns, available privately with great cosmetics – gold, available privately, great fit A crown will strengthen and protect a tooth whereas a filling doesn’t. You have a choice of materials when you have a crown.

– NHS : low gold content (looks like stainless steel)

– white crowns, available privately with great cosmetics

– gold, available privately, great fit A crown will strengthen and protect a tooth whereas a filling doesn’t.


Southport Dental Services

Practice Discounts

We offer all our clients a very simple and attractive discount:

Provided that all accounts are settled in full by the 15th day following the date of invoice.

Individual or group practice accounts under £1,000.00 per month

= 5% Discount

Individual or group practice accounts over £1,000.00 per month

= 10% Discount

For further discounts or Special offers please ‘click’ the Special offers tab on the side menu.


Southport Dental Services

You may need to have a tooth removed for one of the following reasons :-

1. You are suffering from periodontal disease i.e. loose teeth, pain, bleeding gums, bad breath 2. Tooth decay 3. Orthodontics (braces) 4. Wisdom teeth problems – these are sometimes caused when they are half way through – they can become infected because they are hard to clean.

5. an accidental blow to your teeth


Cause problems when they are half way through, causing infection because they are hard to clean

When you have a tooth removed you should feel pressure but no pain at all.

Teeth can be removed under local or general anesthetic


Southport Dental Services

Southport Dental Services has been established since 1971 as a denture laboratory. A family run business, now in the hands of the third generation, Southport Dental Services has experienced a substantial growth in size, whilst the range of services has grown alongside an improvement in quality of methods and results.

Our team of staff has been carefully hand selected for their high qualifications and skill. Each member of our team recognises the importance of their job, and all work to maintain the high standards set by themselves and those of the company. We attribute our achievements to our commitment to providing an outstanding level of service. We are committed to serve dentists, their staff and patients to the best of our ability.

At Southport Dental Services, we are proud to be at the forefront of dental science. We utilise current, sophisticated techniques and cost-effective technologies, and continually investigate innovative approaches to dentistry in order to better serve our customers.

To guarantee the quality of our work we are registered with the Dental Appliance Manufacturers Audit Scheme (DAMAS) a quality management and production system for laboratories.  DAMAS has been developed in partnership with; The British Dental Association, The General Dental Practitioners Association, The Department of Health and Denplan.

Southport Dental Services is committed to a continuing broadening of our ability to serve our customers and strengthen our customer relations.

We sincerely hope that this you find this web site useful. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.


Southport Dental Services

An implant is an excellent way to replace a missing tooth, AND keep a good looking smile.

A dental implant is a small titanium cylinder that is surgically inserted into the bone of the jaw to replace the root of a missing tooth. An artificial tooth is then attached to the implant.


* The teeth either side do not need to be touched

* Implants stops continuing bone loss

A Dental implant will replace your missing tooth and improve your smile